IPTV Subscription – 24H Trial

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Quick support 7/24 if you have any problem or question.

✅   We will send you your subscription by email.

✅  We will send you your subscription quickly after purchase.

✅  We will help you step by step to install the subscription on your device.

✅ Very fast server ( no stopping – no cutting ).

✅ Watch your channels and VOD in 4K, FHD, HD, SD

✅ +50,000 worldwide channels and VOD.

✅Auto-update channels & VOD playlists. The ability to choose all packages you like.

✅The ability to Allow / Disallow adult channels.

✅Number of channels & VOD 50,000

✅Support Devices

✅( All Android Devices) + ( All Smart TV Devices) + Smart IPTV + Mag Box: ( All Mag Boxes) +Apple: ( All apple devises (IOS) + M3U -URL-VLC ( All smartphones Devices)

✅We can help you to install the app if you didn’t know how to install it just send a message.

209 reviews for IPTV Subscription – 24H Trial

  1. Matthew De Cata (verified owner)

    works well as stated

  2. Marwan (verified owner)

    It seems very good copair with other sreeming providers

  3. Ali Abdelatif (verified owner)

    No buffering issues, love

  4. locas françois

    en tant que nouvel utilisateur , j’ai aimé le service d’assistance que j’ai reçu

  5. Faisal Jamel (verified owner)

    Works better than I thought. Would definitely recommend

  6. Bjarne rasmussen (verified owner)

    Vod are super
    Danish channels is not good (i am danish)
    Others things works ok

  7. john adams (verified owner)

    I just started up the service with them and it is better than the IP service I was using before looks like it’s cheaper too can’t wait to use it at home I’ve been using all my phone and works great thanks

  8. Marcus Vireoli (verified owner)

    Easy to use, great picture quality.
    I sent a message within 10 minutes I was watching what I had purchased.
    There was mistake made. I sent another message, wishing 20 minutes the fix was there.
    Very satisfied, I’d recommend

  9. David Franco Rebollar (verified owner)

    Easy/Quick and successful, The service I wanted. I will purchase it right ahead.

  10. Hasan Ashraf (verified owner)


  11. Musa Sherif (verified owner)

    hi, i have paid for 24hrs free trial but have not receive any email confirmation yet for the connection

  12. IPTV user

    Took 4 hoirs to get login info. No Fox Sports regional. No EPG. Support emails got no response. It fast though.

  13. Alvaro Villamar (verified owner)

    I decided to try the 24-hour trial because the IPTV provider I subscribed a month ago keeps having problems on a weekly basis and there are channels that don’t work. Also, the channels are not group very well and in iPTV Board the channels are grouped better and so far I haven’t found a channel that doesn’t work. I am very happy with iPTV Board and I am seriously thinking of switching.

  14. Frank Alamo (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I was never able to get the service to work. The instructions for installing on fire stick is poorly written. You need to jump through many hoops and after 20mins of trying to get it to work I gave up. Very disappointed, the good news is it only cost $1.00 to test. They need to create a step be step you tube guide, because the clowns out there also did not know what they are talking about. The IPTV Smarter app did not work as it kept looping back to adding a user and re-entering the URL’s by hand is the worst.

    Perhaps there support staff can contact me and we can walk through the process. I am also no beginner with cable cutting as I have created Kodi builds.


  15. Frank Alamo (verified owner)

    Unfortunately I was never able to get the service to work. The instructions for installing on fire stick is poorly written. You need to jump through many hoops and after 20mins of trying to get it to work I gave up. Very disappointed, the good news is it only cost $1.00 to test. They need to create a step be step you tube guide, because the clowns out there also did not know what they are talking about. The IPTV Smarter app did not work as it kept looping back to adding a user and re-entering the URL’s by hand is the worst.

    Perhaps there support staff can contact me and we can walk through the process. I am also no beginner with cable cutting as I have created Kodi builds.

    Wish it worked

  16. Vito Marchese (verified owner)

    Works perfectly plus great quick service !!

  17. Ben Bowen (verified owner)

    I have only tried the trial, but so far am impressed with the quality of channels. I will be renewing a full plan.

  18. Carlos aguilar galarraga (verified owner)

    Excellent programming and signal quality is good


  19. Ahmed El feki (verified owner)

    Very good quality no freezing at all during the test

  20. Julien Saade (verified owner)

    The quality is amazing i will surely go for another subscription

  21. DAVID ARAGON (verified owner)

    I have payed and I haven’t received anything

  22. DAVID ARAGON (verified owner)

    it, s doesn’t run

  23. Ivek Pivek (verified owner)

    Really good service. I misses ExYou VOD.

  24. Abdirahman (verified owner)

    Just finished my 24 hours trial . Very satisfied. Ready to order full subscription.

  25. SB (verified owner)

    No buffering, very satisfied.

  26. Bogdan Sima (verified owner)

    no buffer good price

  27. Tassos (verified owner)

    For a 24h trial, it looks good.

  28. Patrick Marquis (verified owner)

    This is the second IPTV trial I do and this one looks better. It actually works with VLC, which the other provider (RawSaveTV) didn’t support and the stream is seamless, no buffering, cutouts and stuff like that. Will probably buy an actual subscription.

  29. Theodoros Chatzitheodorou (verified owner)

    Works perfectly!!!

  30. Pieter Spoor (verified owner)

    I had taken a 24 hour test subscription for my MAG Box.
    They respond quickly to the request and provide a very stable 24-hour subscription with very good and qualitative channels.
    That gave me so much confidence that I decided to subscribe for a year.

  31. JOSE CONTRERAS (verified owner)

    Like me the service, but my service is Latino/Brazil and the preference is for Brazil ( portuguese language). I need Spanish options.

  32. panagiotis voulgaris (verified owner)

    works perfect

  33. Sinisha Sinisha (verified owner)

    A lot of channels and VOD

  34. Marcel (verified owner)

    I can say not much about trial coz i have few hours and then No reason
    just like thatput on code 7 while I paid 1 euro so the trail was not ended yet they stopped me from the trail watching or blocked ipadres??? With no any reason ?

  35. Nelson Šorgo (verified owner)

    Cool, easy.. just, the best

  36. Alex Kyrioglou (verified owner)

    Thus far the experience is amazing. I will order a full plan!!!!

  37. Michael Markoglou (verified owner)

    The channels stopped after 30 seconds

  38. Noel Bobadilla (verified owner)

    Good service.. Quality of VIdeo great… I like this IPTV subs.. No buffering..All

  39. Lindamulage Antonio marlin Perera (verified owner)


  40. John Marinos (verified owner)

    This is a top notch iptv provider the best I’ve ever had customer service amazing what ever problem you have they will fix it strait away. Don’t hesitate to purchase.

  41. Jeremy BLANGER (verified owner)

    Very easy install, a lot of HD channels !
    And the 24hrs trial is perfect to try it before subscribing !

  42. Ivan Tsonkov (verified owner)

    Top quality, many channels, big VOD library. I recommend

  43. Dhaval Mehta (verified owner)

    Buffering while watching Sports events was key for me and this service was good no buffering. I had taken the 24-hour trial to test this out.

  44. Carl (verified owner)

    I got the 24 hour trial. Everything worked good however there were no PPV or Local Networks.

  45. luis G (verified owner)

    Very good purchase. Stable and good customer service

  46. Olga Ntaskagianni (verified owner)

    The best VIP IPTV expierence

  47. Henrik Karl Edanius (verified owner)

    After looking around alot all over te web for a good reseller for swedis channel i found iptvboard to be the absolut best.
    M3U file wti smartTV

  48. Matias Canales (verified owner)

    I been looking for a good itv provider, and for now, this is the best service with a lot of 4K movies with sub

  49. Charles Gonzalez (verified owner)

    It does the job…very good image quality, no cuts.

  50. kostas (verified owner)

    good so far. repliew to my messages take long. also, EPG does not seem to work

  51. Johannes Muselaers (verified owner)

    Easy start and setup.

    Fast and reliable service

  52. circuit bender (verified owner)

    excellent iptv trial. highly recommended

  53. Hjörtur Kristjánsson (verified owner)

    24 Hour trial – no problem

  54. Janusz Mrugacz (verified owner)

    En – I am very happy with my purchase.
    Very fast and stable connection.
    My wife told me that it was great and now I have to renew this subscription after it ends.
    Pl – Jestem bardzo zadowolony z zakupu.
    Połączenie bardzo szybkie i stabilne.
    Zona oświadczyła mi że to jest super i teaz to musze odnowic tę subskrypcje po jej zakończeniu.

  55. STUART PROCTOR (verified owner)

    as with anything new it takes a while to get to grips with how it works, however during my 24hr trial period i have quickly realised the quality of the streams are excellent. when they say HD/4K they really mean it.
    would highly recommend this service

  56. Daniel (verified owner)

    My first time using IPTV, very happy with the quality of the channels. I do recommend to all my family and friends.

  57. Roland Janssen (verified owner)

    The 24 hour test was very good they do what what was promised

  58. T. Buxton (verified owner)

    Both VLC and Smarters rejected the URL. Creating a ticket failed to provide an answer. The website is only sporatically available.

  59. Shane O’Reilly (verified owner)

    Does exactly what is promised and a quick service.

  60. Aggelos Xiro

    The 24h trial was good enough to understand that this iptv server works perfectly. High quality and no buffers. I suggest this!

  61. Daniel Feldman (verified owner)

    Great service with lots of channels. Only thing I would love to have is the option to have more than one concurrent connection. Apart from that it works great

  62. Marcel Rudolph (verified owner)

    It works great an i have no problems

  63. Pradeep Pattni (verified owner)

    very good service. works 100% on lg tv.

  64. Neil Gould

    I recently tried the iptv 24hr trial and was very impressed by the smoothness of the Channels as well as the selection of channels. I have referred my parents to purchase a plan and I am going to purchase a longer subscription package.

  65. Mateusz Popek (verified owner)

    Very fast servers, no buffering at all, very clean designed channel lists. Very solid provider

  66. Ade Salawu (verified owner)

    I just signed up for the 24hr trial and I’m loving every bit of it. I will definitely subscribe for a full package. Excellent iptv package. Crystal clear HD and UHD channels. It’s way better than others that I’ve tried.

  67. Edward Luden (verified owner)

    Great service but I use it a lot for movies (US) and need an accurate TV guide and yours has about 10% accuracy.

  68. Rosina Van der Verren (verified owner)

    My 24 hours trial went well and is more satisfying than my current and previous providers.
    Still some downsides: the EPG is not always accurate with some films and series, there are also problems.
    Nevertheless, I am going to subscribe for a year.

  69. Paul Zahayko (verified owner)

    It was really easy to get going with the easy to follow instructions, I did not experience any buffering. Video was clear. Vey good xperience.

  70. peter regler (verified owner)

    had a trial and found it very good,i am going for a month sub but on my tv just to see how it goes,but so far so good

  71. Stephen hopper (verified owner)

    Just received a trial yesterday thought I would give it three days, upto now it is faultless very little buffering (not worth mentioning really) never had a service as good as this so definitely purchase after trial👍👍

  72. Mahmoud Aladham (verified owner)

    I was not sure to which service should I subscribe, ordered the 24H trial subscription and was amazed by the service, well done!

  73. Ali Orkan (verified owner)

    Hello guys i am testing IPTV services from many Organizations,

    and i must say this one is working flawless i was impressed even the test i took whic costed me only 1 €
    was stable i had no freezes until now and that shows me how good they are.
    I hope that this IPTV Server stays as long as possible online and that they dont shutdown their service.
    I hope there is a way to become a reseller.

    To the IPTV Team

    Keep the good work you are the best

  74. Eze (verified owner)

    Ordered the 24hr trial and it looks great. I’m thinking about purchasing a long term membership.

  75. Ion Rocioiu (verified owner)

    Very good service i recommend.

  76. PANAGIOTIS SAKKAS (verified owner)

    Satisfied of trial test.
    question: do u have Greek VOD?

  77. Jaime Camins (verified owner)

    I’ve tried the 24hr. trial I have used it with TiviMate and it works like a charm I’m going to subscribed 2morrow.

  78. FILOS KALOS (verified owner)

    Very stable service, high quality picture.

  79. Nikos Mousouras (verified owner)

    BEST SERVICE ….no problems.. No buffering issues…

  80. Michael Ochelli (verified owner)

    Quite stable and hardly any buffering. Best iptv service I have seen.

  81. Hans Mak (verified owner)

    great experience, ill will order again

  82. Goran Naumoski (verified owner)

    99% of all channels are working.
    No seeking, no long buffering.
    I try this service on Android TV (Sony Bravia), Amazon FireTV, Windows 10 and iPadOS14.
    On every device works great.

  83. Awais Muhammad (verified owner)

    Great and Stable Connection, i used a lot of iptv’s connections but these weren’t stable as Iptvboard.

  84. Graham Bright (verified owner)

    My best service to date. Fast and stable. Highly recommended

  85. Hich (verified owner)

    I shopped around for a reliable IPTV service, then I stumbled upon IPTVboard and used the 1€ 24h trial for a test run.
    Here are my key findings:
    – easy check out process
    – fast delivery
    – easy to set up
    – steady and reliable streaming over time

  86. Abdoulaye (verified owner)

    No buffering issues, and speed response from the team. Love it for now

  87. Bobby (verified owner)

    I did a trial of the service and I can say that it works amazing!
    I am waiting to get my new IPTV device so I can subscribe on a yearly bases.
    The speed of the response is amazing, I got my server and password within minutes!
    Highly recommended!

  88. Deryck Mills (verified owner)

    Good Iptv provider. Happy to stick with this one

  89. M. Nazir Tahir (verified owner)

    24 hours trial was excellent and i am going to purchase new longer order. It was the best IPTV service provider I have ever experienced. Thanks.

  90. Dimitrii Wegass (verified owner)

    good price, good service

  91. Chris Davies (verified owner)

    I purchased the 24 hr trial and was very impressed by the channel choices and overall stability of the links. I intend to purchase a 12 month subscription as a result of the trial.

  92. Ingmar Jafs (verified owner)

    Works well and quality good, EPG works fine.

  93. Jean-Claude Braun (verified owner)

    Everything great. Will subscribe cor a year!!

  94. Juarez De Freitas (verified owner)

    I was surprised with my 24 hours trial, every one should try it, i will by it definitely.

  95. Spiros Arkoudilos (verified owner)

    Everything great for a trial. Great server super fast speed better than I expected. I’m getting the 12 months pack after this review

  96. Dawid Rozanski (verified owner)

    Good Value For Money

  97. Faisal (verified owner)

    Tried the 24hr pass to see the ease of use …. must admits very surprised how good it is and I will be taking up an annual subscription…. worthwhile, amazing quality 0 lag seen so far and very prompt service. And very very easy to set up

  98. Malcolm Kratz (verified owner)

    Took this 24 hour trail to test out before taking a full your membership. But I will definitely be taking the full membership now! Amazing selection of movies, series and international TV!

  99. Franciszek Domin (verified owner)

    Works fine 😉

  100. John Kovac (verified owner)

    Works smoothly. Very reliable service. Thousends of channels available

  101. Lukas Brinarovsky (verified owner)

    24h trial went well buying a year subscription now. Very smooth good quality streams selection of channels is vast and well organised instead of just throwing them all in. Series and movies look a decent selection as well. Highly recomend and I’ve looked up a few after a let down from last provider this one looks the best that i found. Enjoy.

  102. Sid (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the service. High quality imagine and very fast response when switching channels.

  103. Peter Sulyok (verified owner)

    I was really, really upset when my old provider for the Hungarian TV channels is canceled because I moved to other country. But I found this beuatiful service online and Iam just truly amazed!

  104. Coala (verified owner)

    Tested with the 24h trial, everything was working great, highly recommended!

  105. Mr Smith (verified owner)

    Great on STB. TV Guide brilliantly clear. Lots of choice. Easy to use.

  106. Thomas Kozbach (verified owner)

    It works like a charme! Everything you will need!

  107. Walter Pimenta (verified owner)

    Works better than I thought. Would definitely recommend

  108. John Pugh (verified owner)

    I have used the free test facility for 1 euro and found all content, live UK TV, movies and series to be excellent with no problems. I will continue with year subscription as very pleased. This is my personal honest opinion. John

  109. Oskar Fischer (verified owner)

    All works smoothly, setup without any problems, I’ll be back for longer subscription for sure, thanks

  110. Geovanny Perez (verified owner)

    I recently purchase this service and I’ve been surprised about how stable it is.

    I recommend anyone who has a cable from your provider move on to this service is really easy to install.

  111. Minshenou Torregrosa (verified owner)

    No freezing or buffering. Love it. I would recommend this subscription to everyone!

  112. Mehmet Guler (verified owner)

    Wery good stability and lots of channels, best of all no freezing

  113. Marin Visković (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing, the best list I have ever crossed at, stability is awesome, picture quality at highest, no freeze, just love it.
    Simply, the best ratio possible in terms of the money invested and service received, and I will definitely go further with you, planing to purchase three (3) months.

  114. Mark Bowen (verified owner)

    Easy to setup and very happy with the quality of channels available.

    Will be buying a year sub!

  115. ΓΕΏΡΓΙΟΣ ΚΟΎΚΗΣ (verified owner)

    Very good… Nice views…

  116. JOSE JAIKEL (verified owner)


  117. kai (verified owner)

    Very good, quite happy with this

  118. Niall Walsh (verified owner)

    The entire process of purchasing and installing the product was very straightforward.

    A confirmation email is sent with the steps almost immediately.

  119. Russell Byrd (verified owner)

    I have been an iptv consumer for years and this one seems to be the best!

  120. Mikel Bica (verified owner)

    So far the best iptv ever

  121. David Kennedy (verified owner)

    I’ve just tried out the trial and it has worked quite well for the 24-subscription. Can’t say I can fault it at all. A lot of other more well-know IPTV subs buffer quite a bit. This one seems to do the job. Time will tell. I’ll probably sign up for a month and see how it goes.

  122. Mateo (verified owner)

    Its a good IpTv

  123. Jean-François ELIO (verified owner)

    The trial is perfect, i will subscribe for sure

  124. Jonathan Lord (verified owner)

    Always appreciate having a trial to check the system out – everything went very well across all the channels I tried over the test period, and I intend to subscribe. Thank you.

  125. Iosif Amoiralis (verified owner)

    I bought the 24hr trial in order to check it first. It looks very good although some greek sport channels are not working. Nevertheless still it is the best I found so I will go forward and buy subscription.

  126. George Reid (verified owner)

    very good had no buffering and freezing , format is a bit different as there is no title seperation all sports are lumped together , ie sky sports does not have a seperate heading .you have to scoll through them all to find what you need otherwise a very good service george reid

  127. Roland Bakota (verified owner)

    Totally recommended !

  128. Ramon (verified owner)

    Reviewed this service for 48 hrs. Had no freezes and the amount of content is great. I’m going for a real subscription.

  129. Shamir Mohd (verified owner)

    Good Service. Going for subscription…

  130. Paresh Patel (verified owner)

    Excellent service. Channel groups nicely laid out—easy on the eye.

  131. Liviu Cotoarba (verified owner)

    No buffering, great quality

  132. Siddharth Selvarajan (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd IPTV service provider. I have used Nordic and then iconic streams.

    I have also taken trial on 6 others including this one .

    So far this one seems to be the best ..)

    I will choose this

    Will appreciate if you include adult streaming channels also.


  133. Eugen Tamas (verified owner)

    The programs available are working well.

  134. fritz zatsch (verified owner)

    I choose 24H Trial, to try out.
    Simple to install, works well, very good picture quality.
    I’m going for a real subscription.

  135. Zsolt Duzs (verified owner)

    Nice one.

  136. Fabian Reheis (verified owner)

    The connection and quality is very good!

  137. Neil Gordon (verified owner)

    Kicked off with 24hr trial, superfast turnaround and worked perfectly. Have bought two subs since , and thinking of going for a third. High quality streams with great selection of channels. Keep up the good work

  138. James Wallace (verified owner)

    Took a few moments for me to understand everything, but once I got it working it works very well.

  139. Jaafar (verified owner)

    Connection is stable and works fast

  140. Ali Said (verified owner)

    This is by far one of the most stable and smooth IPTV service.

  141. starix0409 (verified owner)

    best service. fast, stable

  142. masoud shafiei (verified owner)

    works perfectly even during premier league, no freeze and high picture quality

  143. perry bridges (verified owner)

    worked perfectly

  144. arturo castelan (verified owner)

    it is really great, quality is fabulous also good and plenty channels .

  145. Jurel Poto (verified owner)

    Best Provider. Works 100%

  146. Marston Janzen (verified owner)

    It was easy to install and has a multiple of working channels

  147. Ruslan (verified owner)

    I’m happy working good

  148. Dimitrios Lampropoulos (verified owner)

    Works well so far ,stable service, so I will probably buy subscription , thanks

  149. Paul Wellar (verified owner)

    It has been less than 24h, but already I see the quality and stability of this IPTV Service. I do plan on subscribing.


  150. Philip (verified owner)

    Good job !!!

  151. Andy Chu (verified owner)

    It comes with so many IPTV. It is smooth and clear.

  152. Emanuel (verified owner)

    Very good provider looking forward to use your service.10x

  153. N/A N/A (verified owner)

    Have been looking for a stable IPTV provider for weeks. The 24h trial showed very stable channels, quick loading, no delays or intermittent picture. Will go for one of the packages.

  154. habil chantouri (verified owner)

    Tunisian channel has more latency when important program was in life and not much movie subtitled in Arabic (for example Turkish or English movie and series)

  155. Lee McCauley (verified owner)

    I have an issue with the trial. I have contacted them and have not gotten a reply.

  156. Kimon Drigo (verified owner)

    It’s been less than 24 hours , but after reviewing many many IPTV providers over a number of years I can say with confidence this is by far the most stable and the quality thus far is awesome!

  157. Khalid Yousef (verified owner)

    Great support, instant setup and high quality.

  158. Steve (verified owner)

    good quality stream during the trial but only UK channels were selected and no time to check catchup – will renew.

  159. Alan Concannon (verified owner)

    Quality is excellent. A large number of channels, movies and series to choose from. Works very will with Firestick. Recommended!

  160. Alejandro Lopez (verified owner)

    I try a lot since 2 years ago and for sure is the best of all!!!

  161. Sharon Larter (verified owner)

    good picture quality compared to our last provider with less freeze and buffering. Tried 24 hr trial and then brought a year subscription.
    I like the option to only choose the countries you want also to save on file size.

  162. Sotis Sam (verified owner)

    Tried the 24hr one and the quality was great especially in sports channels with no freezing

  163. Kumar E (verified owner)

    Quality of the channels is very good and i haven’t had any service interruptions. I would suggest to add more latest movies from India ( Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam Language movies), this is the only lacking thing from the service.

  164. panos andritsopoulos (verified owner)

    Good quality picture. Nice to choose countries of interest

  165. Martyn Turner (verified owner)

    I have tried over a dozen IPTV services during the past few years but I can honestly say that IPTV_BROAD beats them all … absolutely superb service.
    Well done to all involved in making my viewing experience second to none.

  166. RogerDE (verified owner)

    very stable provider. No problems so far. I can recommend without hesitation

  167. Paul Neumann (verified owner)

    Very good quality and the best service

  168. David Harper (verified owner)

    My Service is 24hr Trial

    I am giving a 5 star as of right now as the service so far is excellent, the channels are really clear, I have not had any buffering what so ever.

    When I get more in depth with the service I will be doing an update.

    Thank you iPTV Board
    Hope to continue doing business with you throughout the years.

  169. wayne steele (verified owner)

    About to order several licences for my customers

  170. Kumar E (verified owner)

    Updating Some latest content like tv shows and movies from INDIA will make this IPTV more reachable.

  171. Anastasios Piotopoulos (verified owner)

    Setting up the service was easier than expected. I have watched several of the channels I care about for a few hours without any buffering issues, so overall I’m happy with the offering.

  172. Nafisa Amerji (verified owner)

    It works great with my internet and has a lot of variety in channels. Clear quality HD product that gives you value for your money and helps you decide clearly whether to continue with this service. I’d recommend 10/10.

  173. Patrick McGrath (verified owner)

    I needed to change my supplier, and got this trial. I have to say that I am very pleased with it, and I will be renewing my subscription immediately. Thank you!

  174. Eric Schembri (verified owner)

    I would definitely recommend this service

  175. Manuel Deryck (verified owner)

    I did a 24 trial of this service.
    All worked 100% instantly!

  176. Deborah Frick (verified owner)

    Just ending the trial and definitely going to subscribe, service is awesome!

  177. Nikolaos Kavroudakis (verified owner)

    What they promise they deliver 100%.
    Amazing provider…..
    Would recommend to everyone

  178. Adham Ali (verified owner)

    The Arab world channels are very clear, multiple resolutions suits the different speed connections. Fast response time while switching the channels. Overall experience is good and really recommended.

  179. Colin Conboy (verified owner)

    Brilliant speed and channel choice. We be renewing for at least 3 months.

  180. Simon Ståhlnacke (verified owner)

    Tried it and it was a good amount of channels and clear and great picture.
    Will definitely get a longer subscription.

  181. STEPHEN DARLINGTON (verified owner)

    Tested 24 hour free on 2 x devices firestick and sont smart tv good quality no freEzing or buffering GOOD QUALITY STREEMSwill be bying a least 1 package

  182. Jon Magnusson (verified owner)

    Fast and good servers. Didn’t have any problem.

  183. Harvey colbran (verified owner)

    Very impressed. I’ve tried 3 other iptv services and none worked as well as this. Will be taking a longer subscription

  184. Md lhaj (verified owner)

    testing 24 hours, and it,s rock solid! i will definintly be subscriping to the service!

  185. Graham (verified owner)

    Quick, no buffering, no dead channels.

  186. Fred (verified owner)

    Fonctionne parfaitement
    Je recommande

  187. Krzysztof Pawlak (verified owner)

    very good quality of channels and vod

  188. Franklin Rodriguez (verified owner)

    The trial period was excellent and I’m subscribing to a complete year 100% recommended

  189. Michal Piechocki (verified owner)

    No buffering, great speed.

  190. Kamil (verified owner)

    Nice and stable iptv

  191. W Innes (verified owner)

    Nice fast and quick service. No problems with it. Free trial a must if your not sure.

  192. Zoltan Kömives (verified owner)

    Das Streaming funktioniert tadellos, sehr selten hängt das Bild für eine Sekunde, bei andere Anbieter ist viel schlimmer, für das Geld kann man überhaupt nicht meckern. Funktioniert besser als ich dachte. Würde es auf jeden Fall empfehlen.

  193. Sue Mahoney (verified owner)

    Since my previous provider shut down unexpectedly I have trialed 4 or 5 other providers over the last few days. IPTV Board has provided the best customer service so far along with an extensive channel selection and quality stream without buffering. I’m pleased with the trial so will be subscribing to a longer term package when this expires later today.

  194. Gabriel (verified owner)

    Hello! Excellent streaming, I am very satisfied with my 24H order, I will almost certainly get a longer subscription soon. Highly recommended!

  195. John Kubrick (verified owner)

    It is my first buy but not last 🙂
    Works good!

  196. Jan K. (verified owner)

    Der beste Anbieter was ich getestet habe.
    Gute Qualität für den Preis.
    Hilfreicher Kundenservice.
    Ich empfehle sie auf jedem fahl weiter.

  197. Deryck Mills (verified owner)

    Good quality streams. I had no issues with buffering during my 24 hour trial

  198. Robert Fischer (verified owner)

    I did a 24 trial of this service.
    Works perfectly, no freeze and high picture quality.
    I’m subscribing to a complete year, 100% recommended!

  199. Mikołaj Otręba (verified owner)

    Very easy to use. Now, I can watch my favorite channels everywhere and on all devices.

  200. Livia Fischer (verified owner)

    Good and fast streaming!

  201. Waldemar Zawada (verified owner)

    W Polsce działa bez zarzutu, bardzo szybko i płynnie, mam nadzieje, że tak samo bedzie przy wykupieniu rocznego pakietu. Wtedy zdam relacje.

  202. Richard Jankowski (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the quality of the programs will no take a 3 month subscription thanks

  203. Brett Willmore (verified owner)

    Brilliant service, snappy and no buffering. Just amazing! Brett Willmore

  204. Yannis (verified owner)

    Things are looking good so far, I will proceed to a subscription and we will see how the feed will be.

  205. Gregory Oboh (verified owner)

    I had been expecting some difficulty with the subscription but it was very easy to set up and channels were exactly as described.

  206. Todor Trifonov (verified owner)

    Works great with the mobile and smart devices, the Smarters IPTV app for the PC however lacks a few options like to move the window across screen etc.

  207. Erik Sivila (verified owner)

    I tried several IPTV services – you convinced from the 1st minute. Great job !!!

  208. Mike Taylor (verified owner)

    Excellent service

  209. Zoltan

    Funktioniert hervorragend, gute Qualität für den Preis, ich würde diesen Service auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen. Der Kunden-Support könnte allerdings ein wenig besser sein.

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